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Is my behaviour caused by my will? Can a collective of people exist without shared norms?

Collective Behaviour is a dance performance investigating the symmetry between individual identity and collective identification.
Through the use of projections and reflections the performance space is distorted, duplicated and expanded, causing a bend of time and of the individuality of the dancers.

Collective Behaviour is a collaboration between Korean artists Kimchi and Chips and Danish choreographer Simone Wierød.
The project is supported by Arts Council Korea, Statens Kunstfond, Bikubenfonden, Københavns Kommune and Seoul Dance Center.

Medvirkende: Boram Jun, Woosang Jeon, Yoonju Song
Lysdesigner: Jacob Kvist
Kostumedesigner: Marie Nørgaard Nielsen
Scenograf: Kimchi and Chips
Koreograf: Simone Wierød
Producent: Soyoung Lee
Komponist MERCY featuring Josefine Opsahl
Producent: Simone Wierød
Arrangør: Projektcentret i Dansehallerne

Del forestilling:

Collective Behaviour