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ev’ry is a 10-hour long performance in which a female-assigned sexrobot invites 20 different clients into her territory. Over the course of the piece ev’ry obtain agency to alter her role as a sexrobot and her physical body. Artist Sofia Stål and artist V. Vidoe have created a performance, in collaboration with performer Rosalinde Mynster and composer Martin Hasfeldt, which investigates how technologies affects the relationship between the inner and outer body from a queer perspective.

Medvirkende: Rosalinde Mynster
Billedkunstner: V. Vidø
Scenograf: Sofia Stål
Lyddesigner: Martin Jon Hasfeldt
Producent: veronikavidø
Co-producent: Sydhavn Teater
Arrangør: Sydhavn Teater

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