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World Premiere: A powerful play laced with humor. Extremophiles is set in our time in a remote Antarctic Research Station. A deep and prolonged winter is forecast and the majority of the staff head back North to the supply ship and warmer climes. Only a skeleton crew remain; Angela, Lars and Bertram. Commander Fiskler originally goes to the ship but changes his mind and takes the perilous, solo trek back to the station. Why did he risk his life to return? Will the rations for three stretch to four? And will Angela’s out-of-the-blue revelation that she is pregnant change everything between them? There are very few moral absolutes, particularly when survival is at stake.
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Medvirkende: Ian Burns, Sira Stampe, Michael Worthman, Benjamin Stender
Instruktør: CLAUS BUE
Dramatiker, forfatter: Fergal O'Byrne
Producent: That Theatre Company
Arrangør: That Theatre Company

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  • Spillested


    Serridslevvej 2
    2100 København Ø

  • Teater

    That Theatre Company

  • Spilleperiode

    22. Okt. - 21. Nov.

  • Varighed

    1 time 20 min. - uden pause

  • Genre

    Moderne dramatik

  • Aldersgrænse

    fra 15 år

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