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Om forestillingen

A sensual howl of a trans_fem voice of resistance. A queer elegy. An act of liberation. A tender power of witchcraft which raises from love and anger. It does ascend from Her personal experience of Loss. It channels the voice of transgender herstory, that often was, and still is being dismissed, erased and forgotten.

As a queer artist Vala T. Foltyn works with the notions of loss and death. As a queer witch she moves and sings from her personal experiences and feelings; such as being evicted from an old villa, that was a shelter for independent queer art scene in Kraków, Poland. This queer life experience becomes a material for performance making situated in site specific ritual.

Medvirkende: Vala T. Foltyn, LadyJerk
Producent: Vala Foltyn
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole

Del forestilling:

Feelings are facts - magic, sex, p