© La gallinita ciega af Francisco de Goya ©Madrid, Museo Nacional del Prado


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A garden is a planned space, a human design created in order to resemble nature. A garden can incorporate both natural and man-made materials.
An ecosystem of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components interacting as a system. A landscape. Each flower blossoms with color, vibration and projection and try to keep the attention as an individual. At the same time exists in symbiosis with the community and interdependence with all the parts belonging to it.

Medvirkende: Astrid Pauline Schmidt, Ida Mariboe Nielsen, Joana Ellen Öhlschläger, Johanna Forsehag, Kasper Buus, Katrien van der Velden, Kristoffer Kempker, Lucie Piot, Nadia Bounenni, Denise Lim Shu Yi, Sofia Bellucci, Lara Ostan Vejrup, Stina Hillberg, Zoé Dóra Ambrus
Koreografer: Guillem Mont de Palol, Jorge Dutor
Lyddesignere: Nanna-Karina Schleimann, Daniel Fogh
Lysdesigner: Turpin Napolen Djurhuus
Producent: Den Danske Scenekunstskole
Arrangør: Den Danske Scenekunstskole

Del forestilling:

Las Flores