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“Oh Baby, it’s Cole” is Vivienne McKee’s entertaining, toe-tapping cabaret show based on the incomparable music and sophisticated life of Cole Porter. It tells the story of Cole’s life through his songs, and invites the audience to appreciate his clever use of the English language as well as his brilliantly innovative melodies.

The songs are interpreted by a superb ensemble of well-known singers, including Katrine Falkenberg and Nicoline Siff Møller, and Leo Andrew and Brett Brown from London’s West End.

Vivienne McKee is the narrator, and Stuart Goodstein the musical director in this rare glimpse into the real story of a musical genius.

Playing in English.

Medvirkende: Katrine Falkenberg, Nicoline Møller, Sebastian Harris, Leo Andrew, Vivienne McKee, Stuart Goodstein
Instruktør: Vivienne McKee
Kostumedesigner: Kirsten Brink
Dramatiker, forfatter: Vivienne McKee
Komponist Cole Porter
Producent: London Toast Theatre
Arrangør: London Toast Theatre

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Oh Baby - It's Cole...