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On the Way to the Sawmill is a collection of incredible stories about the dark side of human existence; our individual miseries, but also our mistakes and the empty aspects of the society we live in… the abusive behaviour we have individually or collectively carried our and their consequences.

Three strong monologues, one in Spanish. (with English subtitles) All about the origin and consequences of violence, revenge, suicide and terrorism, and victims of sexual abuses and international crisis.

This amazing play has previously been presented in a variety of versions across the world; in the UK, London, in Spain and in the United States both in New York City and at the University of Idaho

Medvirkende: Marco Magoa, Ruth Salas, Maxwell Chartey
Instruktør: Marco Magoa
Lysdesigner: Roberto Cerdá
Dramatiker, forfatter: Marco Magoa
Komponist Nairuz Al-Ajlouni
Producent: Teatro4m
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole

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On the Way to the Sawmill

A Hikikomori's Space