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Holmes’ power struggle relationship with his underdog roommate and assistant Dr. Watson leads to a lot of speculation, especially since one of those “never to be trusted” women – the holy Miss Watson – is not only wearing the pants in the house but also the highest leather boots. But who in this humorous triangle is really the smart head behind the brain, solving the mystery of how the Mazarine Stone ended up in the Christmas goose?

Slapstick Sherlock is a satirical play combining theatrical elements of classical theatre with musical performance in a witty and modern satire about a seemingly unsolvable but mostly idiotic and unreasonable mystery case.

Medvirkende: Jana Pulkrabek, Siegmar Tonk, Gordon Torbet
Instruktør: Jeremy Thomas-Poulsen
Lysdesigner: Paul Damade
Producent: Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre
Co-producent: Manusarts
Arrangør: Down the Rabbit Hole Theatre

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Slapstick Sherlock

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle