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Based on the novella by Austrian author, Stefan Zweig, THE CHESS PLAYER tells a tale of a journey into and out of madness.

Imprisoned in a solitary confinement by the Nazis, a prisoner slides into insanity until he steals a book of grand chess tournaments. Living through them he holds onto reality. Desperate, he then creates new games dividing himself into two feuding chess masters, stumbling into self-inficted schizophrenia.

As Zweig’s story unfolds, the actor steps out of the action, building a meta-theatre frame around the play. He challanges the audience to examine the power of illusion, proposing that, like the prisoner, we depend on them to allow us to survive.

Medvirkende: Richard McElvain
Dramatiker, forfatter: Richard McElvain
Producent: Teaterøen
Arrangør: Teaterøen

Del forestilling:

The Chess Player

  • Spillested


    William Wains gade 11
    1432 København K

  • Teater


  • Spilleperiode

    24. Jan. - 25. Jan.

  • Varighed

    1 time 20 min. - uden pause

  • Genre

    Moderne dramatik

  • Aldersgrænse

    fra 14 år

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