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A dance theater show about truth vs online branding, that combines aggressive social media use, documentary style film and amazing choreography!
Because somewhere between the latest cat video and the news of Trump’s Presidency the truth became subjective – We: The Nordic Beasts decided to change the life as we know it to become popstars. We succeeded, and now we will not only perform Europe’s most epic stage show ever, but also share our inspirational story of success. There is only one but: None of it ever happened. But what then? Is reality worth anything?

The show is a co-production of The Nordic Beasts, Dansehallerne, Dansearena Nord and Danse Festival Barents.

Medvirkende: Loraine Dambermont
Lysdesigner: John P.G. Jonssón
Videodesigner: Søren Fredriksen
Designer: Søren Meisner
Dramaturgisk konsulenter: Krista Hannula, Betina Rex
Instruktør: Noora Hannula
Lyddesigner: Sebastian Weiergang Larsen
Komponist Ida Duelund
Producent: Noora Hannula
Arrangør: Projektcentret i Dansehallerne

Del forestilling:

The Era of no Talent Rising

Images of Fame