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2 live performances in 2 spaces in 1 city. 2 live audiences, 1 in each space. 1 intimacy in one space and 1 in the other. 3 women dancing in one space & 1 in the other. A moving scenography is streamed from one space and another streamed back with bluetooth, airdrop, and airplane descending into a blue underworld, like hungry ghosts in a common silence. A mirror facing a mirror creating an infinity of ever changing images. A room, of a room & a room of one’s own. Like love sent back and forth forever. A collective witness of a disturbance. For a full experience, you need to buy SIDE A & B. It’s not possible to see both sides on the same day, as they are developed in 2 spaces at the same time

Medvirkende: Sara Gebran, Maria Stiernborg, Olivia Riviere, Karis Zidore
Koreografer: Sara Gebran, Maria Stiernborg, Riviere Riviere, Karis Zidore
Koncept: Sara Gebran
Producent: Public Eye
Arrangør: Projektcentret i Dansehallerne

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