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Om forestillingen

Denmark’s most notorious theatre company are back with a programme of plays that expose un-told truths & explore the way audiences & creatives engage with art by blurring the lines between fiction & reality.


The Director; or, Behind the Curtain of an Unravelling Theatre Company

23, 25, 27, 29 April

The story of the agonies & ecstasies experienced by the cast, crew & director during Leftfield Theatre’s 2017 production of The Pillowman.


Confessions; Not I; The Human Voice

24, 26, 28, 30 April

Featuring some of the most critically acclaimed actors in Denmark; experience an unsettling, claustrophobic voyage that will have you doubting who you are & why you are here.

Producent: Leftfield Theatre
Arrangør: Teaterøen

Del forestilling:

Truth by Falsehood

  • Spillested


    William Wains gade 11
    1432 København K

  • Teater


  • Spilleperiode

    23. Apr. - 30. Apr.

  • Varighed

    2 timer - uden pause

  • Genre

    Moderne dramatik

  • Aldersgrænse

    fra 15 år

  • Nummererede Pladser